Indoor LED Display Case


P5 indoor full color LED Display of 12 sqm in US

From: Data:04/02/2015

Location: Los Angles, America

Application: commercial advertising LED display

Pitch: 5mm

Size: 12 ㎡


Combination of classic and modern is really a wonder. This display is located in a building with history of more than one hundred years. At first, the building was for stock but later it was decorated as an evening club. Considering the hall space and the view distance, we recommended the customer P5. After the display was installed, the customer had creative idea to put several glasses in the hall. Then there was wonderful effect. The hall seemed much bigger! No matter where people stand, they can see the display but can’t judge where the real display is. Every evening, there are hundreds of young people gathering in the old building, enjoying new life.



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