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Barco launched the world’s first "green" led Kanban new DB-x20

From: Data:13/03/2016

LED screen scene Dachang Barco Barco announced that launched the world’s first "green" LED Kanban, new DB-x20.

DB-x20 designed for outdoor digital advertising network and design, use of green parts, low energy consumption, with excellent visual performance, maximize return on investment (ROI). The world’s first is only consistent with RoHS (restrictions on the use of Hazardous Substances Directive) standard led Kanban is DB-x20, element of all the products do not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium (Cr6), polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) and other toxic substances. Effective components, efficient use of

DB-x20 without HVAC (less heat, cooling, ventilation or air conditioning), has the lowest energy consumption. To increase the power factor correction (PFC) function, energy saving and reduce the impact on the grid. In addition, the environmental controller (AEC-4000) to automatically adjust the screen brightness to night environment, LED tilt configuration reduces the sky light pollution 26%. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) to ensure that DB-x20 completely self-sufficient, not by other electrical equipment, does not affect other devices (such as mobile phone or medical equipment).

Barco media business Vice President Paul Ryckaert said digital signage is not only green, but also has unparalleled visual performance. 7600 nits brightness in the midday sun conditions also has the maximum brightness level, ensure that the display screen in the life cycle of 100000 hours always bright and clear. Wisdom of the lampshade provides unparalleled 4000:1 contrast, Barco unique 16 bit color processing technique can handle 281 trillion kinds of color, excellent gray scale and excellent visual image subtle features.

DB-x20 is equipped with a redundant power supply system, even if there is a power failure, also can supply power to all continuous box. When other Kanban black, DB-x20 immediately change circuit enable the standby power, continue to display a key information (logos, phone numbers, etc.). Breakthrough technology innovation has been to ensure the contents of the display, no need to deploy technical personnel in non working time.

remote monitoring software (RMS-1) in all the key performance of the data acquisition control center DB-x20, comprehensive management of digital signage. The diagnostic information including power, brightness, temperature, operation time, error and failure LED. Source: LEDinside


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