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Japanese factory built five made unique LED translucent glass speaker

From: Data:12/03/2016

Japanese manufacturers seem to be based on glass and speakers of particular interest. At the end of last year, Hario company has launched a globally unique glass diaphragm speakers. Recently, the Kenwood Corporation also launched a glass box, but no glass membrane is expensive, the use of glass material only in the shell.

built Wu this model for SP001 2.0 channel speaker enclosure rate for high transmittance of optical lens with glass material build, translucent. To reflect its unique design, Kenwood also find the light LED manufacturing enterprises OdELic company to build two brackets , respectively, using white LED and blue LED is a glass box with colorful backlight lighting .

configuration, SP001 uses a coaxial design 6cm woofer and tweeter 2.5cm, power 10Wx2, frequency 80Hz-25KHz, output level 80dB. Single box size is 140x195x170mm, weight 2.3kg.

Kenwood SP001 now on sale in Japan, the price is 105000 yen, equivalent to more than 7000 yuan. LED support price 21000 yen, equivalent to nearly 1500 yuan.


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