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Advantages of LED new light source analysis of the advantages of

From: Data:09/02/2016

Now most people already know, LED is a new source of energy saving and emission reduction. But there is also a big advantage is often ignored, that is, no pollution and environmental protection.

we know that Mercury is an extremely toxic substance. However, almost all the high-efficiency electric light source contain mercury, the mercury content of the all kinds of electric light source as shown in the table:

and the boiling point of mercury is very low, at room temperature evaporation. A waste disposal source after crushing, immediately to the surrounding sporadic mercury vapor, moment can make the concentration of mercury in ambient air reached 10-20 mg /cubic meters, more than state regulations of mercury in air maximum allowable concentration (0.01 mg /cubic meters) of 1000 to 2000 times. , according to the study of mercury in the United States, Stanford University, pointed out that 1 mg of mercury enough to pollute 5454.5 kilograms of drinking water, so that it can not reach the safe drinking standards. Mercury caused by air and water pollution is very serious consequences, is edible aquatic organisms will generate CH3Hg, this is a drama poison, as long as half an ear spoon can be caused by in doom. Mercury itself can damage the central nervous system, which causes reproductive defects in the effect is also very serious, mercury can also damage the kidneys and liver, in sufficient conditions can even lead to death. Mercury can be transferred in different ways in the soil, in the water, in the atmosphere, in the atmosphere, in the food chain. Therefore, the persistence, ease of mobility and a high degree of biological enrichment, so that Mercury has become one of the world’s most interesting environmental pollutants. History the most severe mercury poisoning can be regarded as Japan’s Minamata disease incident the, at that time because of Minamata Bay water is contaminated with mercury die hundreds of people. Now the Japanese government learned a lesson, require all the waste fluorescent lamp it is necessary to carry out the treatment of toxic substances, thus requiring the purchase of ordinary fluorescent lamp must pay double the price to advance the toxic substance processing fee.

recently the Chinese government distributed free of charge a 1 billion energy-saving lamps, although recent foreign special low mercury energy-saving lamps containing mercury can reduce to below 5mg (not yet known, issued by the Chinese government is not such a low mercury energy saving lamp), but did not reduce its harm, because a such low mercury energy-saving lamp mercury content is enough to 27.27 tons of drinking contaminated water. And 100 million energy-saving lamps enough to pollute 27 tons of water, equivalent to the people of the country for a few years the amount of drinking water.

because there is no special recovery mechanism and recycling laws and regulations in China, so most fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps are general waste and as buried, irrespective of fluorescent lamps or energy-saving lamps are used as the shell of an extremely fragile glass, so the mercury must be will run out, and because of the high proportion of mercury, easily sinking and seep into ground water is then drinking. The consequences be unbearable to contemplate. In particular, the majority of the people are almost ignorant of the dangers of mercury. Below a photo is taken by the author in a bus stop in downtown Shanghai Xujiahui, the figure is a broken billboard, a lot of shards of glass of fluorescent lamp and every day authors through there, actually two weeks no one. It can be seen that the relevant departments for the sun lamp is broken, the harm is nothing.

in addition, all of the use of mercury vapor emission of light source, are the use of electron bombardment of mercury vapor and produce ultraviolet. This kind of ultraviolet ray is also a kind of environmental pollution. Its main wavelength of 2537 =253.7nm =2537x10-10m, known as UV-C uv. About 60% of the energy consumed can be converted to ultraviolet light, and other energy (about 40%) is converted to heat energy. By the absorption of UV fluorescent material in the tube surface after the release of visible light. The fluorescent material of different will emit different visible light. The efficiency of the conversion of UV light to visible light is about 40%. So the efficiency of fluorescent lamp is about 60% x40% = 24% is approximately the same as that of the tungsten lamp power from three to five times. In other words, there are 100%- (40% + 24%) =36% of the ultraviolet radiation is not converted into other energy and direct radiation in the wall of the glass. 36% of the UV light through the glass tube wall is about 94%, so there may be 36% UV-C x6%=2.16% through the glass tube. UV-C on the human body has been considered to be UV Deep, great harm. The United States GE company suggested that human exposure to the singular light not more than 16 hours. UV damage to the human body is a lifetime accumulation of total. This is crucial for girls who love beauty.

not only that, energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps and microwave radiation. A Taiwan scholar has measured the microwave radiation of energy saving lamps in his home. The results are as follows: after being in do not turn on the lights, in the 0.5-3GHz bandwidth range and room to measure the microwave radiation as per square cm 0.011 microwatts (0.011μ w /cm2) and a lamp 60W incandescent lamp, microwave value remains unchanged; for energy-saving lamp lights 15W, microwave value as high as per square kilometre 50 MW (50μ w /cm2) is 50 times that of incandescent lamps. And then into a 26W energy-saving lamps, the value of its microwave radiation up to 100 per square centimeter (100μ W/cm2), 10000 times the incandescent lamp, almost higher than the phone. And the country’s Microwave health standards for 50 micro watts /cm2, so it has exceeded the country’s Microwave health standards. The electromagnetic wave intensity of the 15 Watt energy-saving lamps is about 70 Gauss, 26 watt energy-saving lamps electromagnetic wave intensity of 80 Gauss. 60 watt incandescent lamp is almost 0. Because fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps are exactly the same, so the microwave radiation is only higher than the energy-saving lamps, and will never be less than the energy-saving lamps. The microwave radiation can cause dizziness feeling. As to what will cause the disease is still unknown. Japanese study shows that for a long time in front of the computer work, glaucoma probability to a times higher than other people, to know computer LCD monitors are similar to fluorescent lamps, cold cathode fluorescent lamp as a backlight. LED and

lamp is a completely free of all environmental protection products, and there is no ultraviolet radiation, but its driving power supply has a very low microwave radiation. This new light source completely eliminate all kinds of pollution, so it can be called the real “ green light source ”.

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