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Six basic principles of home lighting selection techniques summary of the six ba

From: Data:14/02/2016

& nbsp; home life will be to use lighting , good home lighting can create a warm family atmosphere, life now pay more and more attention to the quality, therefore the reasonable choice of home lighting is also very important. Today, together with the purchase of home lighting to see which of the six major principles?
lighting purchase six principles
parsimony principle
in room should play a role in the finishing touch. Too complex shape, too complex colors, are not suitable for the design of a simple room.
convenience principle
most people have experienced a change of ceiling lamps lighting the embarrassment: stepping on the table, marching chairs, head 90 degrees, lift the arms turned to 2. 5 meters high or even higher ceiling. When choosing lamps and lanterns, we must consider the convenience of changing light bulbs.
energy saving principle
energy-saving light bulbs, lighting is good, it will not emit too much heat, suitable for multi head lamps and lanterns. Energy saving lamps are mostly standard screw port, and the pendant lamp has two kinds of caliber, one is standard, can use energy-saving light bulbs; one is non-standard, can not use energy-saving lamps. Attention should be paid to the choice: spotlights are energy-saving products.
security principle
  must choose the regular manufacturers of lamps and lanterns. Regular products are marked with the total load, according to the total load, you can determine the number of watts of light bulbs, especially for the most important, that is: the first few × the number of watts per bulb = total load. Another large tidal bathroom, kitchen should use waterproof lamps.
functional principle
  room with different functions, should be installed in different styles, lighting degree of lighting. Living room lamps and lanterns chooses bright and splendid; the bedroom should be used for people to lie on the bed not to feel the lamps and lanterns of dazzling; children’s room should choose bright colors, changeable styles of lamps and lanterns; toilet should choose waterproof lamps and lanterns with concise style; kitchen should choose easy to wipe, clean lamp with, need some special place is the choice of lamp.
coordination principle
  lighting and the overall style of the room to be coordinated, and the same room of a variety of lamps, should maintain color coordination or style coordination. Such as wooden wall, wooden cabinet, wooden roof of the rectangular balcony, suitable for loading a rectangular wooden lamp; with wrought iron table, the rectangular pipe glass dining table and chair of hall, suitable for loading rectangular pipe material chandelier; ANN has a golden door handle, a golden lamp of the bedroom, suitable for lamp with a gold decoration.

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