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Impact of environmental changes on LED power research project report on the impa

From: Data:11/02/2016

> A, preface
  power LED belongs to outdoor use products, from the use of street lamp power, and market failure analysis, environmental factors and mode of service life of power supply has great influence, after a comprehensive statistics that, multiplexers, waters, open failure significantly more. Products with anti induction lightning characteristics. At the same time, streetlights LED connected state is more easy to be damaged by lightning. Only through the LED street lamp manufacturers, LED power supply manufacturers to cooperate with the joint efforts of the LED street lamp power supply to a higher level.
second, product information and use information
2.1, MOSO LED power supply (for 50~300W with constant voltage source) to invest in the market quantity, that is, according to different power wattage statistical product shipment volume and the number of failure.
50W~200W constant voltage source shipment and fault ratio:
three, mainly using the failure mechanism and analysis of -1
• fishbone diagram is applied to find out the reason of the failure of.
  & ndash; failure mechanism
four, the main use of the failure mechanism and analysis of -2
• based on the above, the main failure:
– small area analysis:
• grid voltage, and industrial power is not isolated, cause the rest of the night, the elevated voltage, ultra
  maximum input voltage power supply specifications;
– regional analysis:
• mainly for lightning damage.
• lamp post mounting grounding effect is not good, resulting in lightning protection effect is poor, reverse affect the power of positive
  often work;
– soil environment analysis
– pole placement depth of fill
• power supply earthing bad, caused by lightning protection effect is poor;
• power supply protection effect is not good, cause lightning protection effect of poor power
do concrete analysis of.
five, 1:
  high voltage failure; voltage fluctuation of LED power supply
3.1. power system using.
in our example: LED power supply maintenance, in different regions in measuring /monitoring of power grid high voltage.
-- below 1 for the voltage of power grid in Nanchang City: the measured value of 314VAC
-- figure 2 is the grid voltage in Foshan measured value: up to 307VAC
-- below 3 in the city of Hefei power grid voltage measurement value: up to 310VAC
five, using 2
  high voltage power grid failure:
3.2; ground leakage switch at the input end outside of the case (with tripping phenomenon)
-- light installation leakage switch try 50PCS, 6PCS trip.
use failure: failure
&bull lightning; lightning in the sky emission is a spectrum of radio waves, and overhead road lamp and a power supply line is good receiving antennas. This instantaneous differential mode interference voltage can reach several hundred volts to more than 3000 volts, this voltage will often breakdown of electronic equipment   power circuit of the electrical gap, the same will cause the drive circuit damage.
• therefore, the power supply needs to do the design of lightning protection, lightning protection design is a system engineering, it needs from the power grid, system grounding to electrical equipment and so on all aspects of lightning protection design. Following a detailed analysis of the design of lightning protection and the current situation:
  & ndash; lightning failure examples (our product case, the characteristics of lightning disaster)
  & ndash; lightning category
  & ndash; power lightning strike failure mechanism
  & ndash; power supply lightning protection design
  & ndash; lamp connected to the lightning protection design
  & ndash; power supply lightning protection design
  failure caused by lightning
: instance 1
waters, clearing has suffered lightning proportion is more obvious, such as the Dongjiang levee (Dongjiang levee installation 1400 units, return 75 lightning damage).
  failure caused by lightning
: examples 2
for higher buildings are vulnerable to lightning as our other customers installed 150W advertising lamp (35) m tall, install the 50pcs, 7pcs of lightning damage.
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