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LED development will support wireless broadband connection

From: Data:12/07/2016

in fact, since the birth of the concept of LED, technical breakthroughs in an endless stream. LED lights can also play the role of household electrical appliances. Some experts, through a certain technical means LED lighting has been able to achieve a variety of electrical appliances and the control of the switch. LED lamp is different from the traditional lighting equipment, it can not only save energy, but also through the high-speed switching action, the issue of the modulation signal, complete information and instruction transmission. The speed of the switch is up to 2 million times per second, so the switching action does not affect the normal use of lighting. Will not have an impact on the human body, because the human eye can not see such a fast frequency change.

LED wireless communication technology into science and technology, the new direction of development of

has been, people in the enjoyment of the wireless network and convenient services at the same time, worried that it generates radiation may have an adverse impact on the human body, and use environmentally friendly LED lighting Internet can completely eliminate the concerns. At present, LED lighting is only a potential stock. But it is a special way of information transmission, in the future can reach more than 1G per second rate of access. It is understood that, in addition to the LED in the field of intelligent lighting development potential, at home and abroad have begun to further research and development of LED wireless communication technology, which will become the new direction of future technology development.

industrial online monitoring data show that in May 2013, the rotary compressor industry production 1074.1 million units, an increase of 0.9%, a decline of 16.78; sales 1106.9 million units in the, year-on-year growth of 1.04%, the chain reduce 15.71%, rate of produce and sale of 103.05%; inventory as 33.62 million units, down 5.35%, a decrease of 11.06%. 2013 1~5 month cumulative production of 57 million 320 thousand units, an increase of 6.1%; sales of units, an increase of 5.1%. May ~2013 cumulative production in August 2012 of the year, an increase of 3.14%, an increase of; sales of over the same period, an increase of 3.96%. Among them, in May 2013, R410A rotary compressor sales of more than 500 million units, ring slightly decreased, unchanged from the same period last year to a small increase in 4%; may 2012 in August 2013, the total sales of R410A compressor for 4744 million, unchanged from the same period last year.


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