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Should pay more attention to the quality of LED products to the United States to

From: Data:12/07/2016

was recalled LED lights from 4 to May in the United States sales, priced at about $70. The amount of goods being recalled about 2300 lights. Recall the reasons for the wall charge plug is easy to fall off, posing a fire hazard. Up to now, REI has not received any report of the accident.

foreign markets for China's LED lighting product recall is not the first time, it can be seen that China's LED lighting products still need to continue to improve the quality, in order to occupy a place in the international market.

a lot of foreign markets to strengthen the certification and supervision of lighting products, Europe, the United States, Mexico and other countries and regions have increased market access. The European Commission's directive on the production and design of the directive, and all the LED lights and all the relevant equipment of the bill to discuss the new relevant ErP directive. The United States led lighting lamps and lanterns TBT notification Council recently began for the United States recently released LED lamp test program TBT notification Council involving LED lamp lumen output, input power and relative spectral distribution method. From May 5th onwards, the Mexico economic sector to amend the mandatory standard LED lamps officially entered into force. domestic enterprises to seize the market, in the pays too much attention to the immediate interests, eager to by cutting prices to capture the market, in order to ensure profits and lead to decline in the cost of the products, the quality of the products decreased, so it is not only difficult to in the long-term competition based, will lead to a vicious circle, affect the development of the whole LED industry.

led enterprises not only to through improved production technology, improve production efficiency and to reduce costs to obtain profits, should increase the technological content and enhance the value of the product, the product competition from the price war, in order to obtain a more comprehensive and more long-term development, in the fierce competition occupy a favorable position; the core strategy of the enterprise must return to shape the brand value, and firmly grasp the quality of the bottom line, in the long-term competition and seek management and quality improvement, make the products occupy a place in the domestic and international market.


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