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LED fluorescent lamp cap market demand structure design

From: Data:12/07/2016

LED fluorescent lamp can be made into red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white color. The LED fluorescent lamp shell there are two: 1. Transparent PC shell, high transmittance, see inside the beads; 2. Translucent matte casing, revealing light downier. LED fluorescent lamp is made up of ultra brightness small power LED, transparent PC cover, high heat radiating aluminium and power supply. The light source has a hat head and two types of SMD beads. Which is commonly used in the 3528 and 5050 SMD beads, 1W high power etc.. LED daylight lamp built-in power supply, working voltage for wide voltage, from 85V to 265V can be used.
LED fluorescent lamp cap from the angle of the light, the need is the circular arc surface, issued by the LED light will not be reflected and the influence of the light distribution. From the perspective of the need to install the plane, which makes the installation more simple and firm! Simple PC tube can do a good job in water, but the heat is a problem. And because the heating will cause the lamp tube bending. Because the tube is generally considered indoor use, it is best to design the optical part of the PC, the cooling section with aluminum.


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