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Influence relationship between LED fluorescent lamps and fittings

From: Data:12/07/2016

LED fluorescent lamp accessories installation is very simple, the original fluorescent lamp to take off the LED fluorescent lamp, and the ballast and starter removed, so that the 220V AC mains directly to the LED fluorescent lamp at both ends.
current control device, the load curve characteristics similar to the PN junction of UI and positive guide through small changes in voltage will cause large variations in the forward current (index level), the reverse leakage current is very small, a reverse breakdown voltage. In practical use, should be selected. The forward voltage of LED becomes smaller with the increase of temperature, and has a negative temperature coefficient. LED power consumption, a part of the conversion to light energy, which is what we need. The rest is converted to heat, so that the junction temperature rise. Sporadic heat (power) can be expressed as
LED fluorescent lamp electrical accessories as high as 80%, life is more than 10 times the ordinary lamp, almost maintenance free, there is no need to frequently replace the lamp, ballast, starter, about half a year down the cost savings can be in exchange for the cost. Green environmental protection type semiconductor electric light source, the light is soft, the spectrum is pure.


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