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LED daylight lamp shell's energy saving and environmental protection idea

From: Data:12/07/2016

at present, LED solar lamp enclosure energy-saving emission reduction concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. China's LED lighting industry is facing an unprecedented policy opportunities, beyond the expected technical upgrade space and huge market potential, the development of broad prospects. June 8 this year, Sichuan provincial Party committee and Chengdu municipal Party committee secretary Li Chuncheng in the investigation of major industrial projects to source photoelectric, visited the company's electronic workshop, testing room, application of production line, packaging production line, screen production line, products development, production and sales of the business to understand the situation, very happy, he asked Pixian, Chengdu modern industrial port should focus on industrial development positioning, attracting large and strong.
outlook 2012, I believe that with the awareness of energy conservation, LED fluorescent lamp housing, new energy and other markets will be expected to gain rapid growth. LED is gradually replacing the traditional lighting, energy-efficient LED lighting the way for from public awareness, and governments have introduced various support led development policy, is expected to 2012 LED market will lead to the electronics industry. Based on the rapid growth of the (flat) TV market, said the LED industry from this year will experience a significant shortage of capacity, in 2012 the LED chip gap will reach 700-1000 billion. Need to put a few hundred MOCVD capacity, and sapphire substrate should also be sufficient supply. Believe that in accordance with the current development trend, the future will lead to excess capacity of 30% LED.


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