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LED daylight lamp housing accessories industry quality standard requirements

From: Data:12/07/2016

The theory of

LED fluorescent lamp shell parts life expectancy in the 5-10 million hours, but the power supply is LED lantern days short board, the power of life is according to the quality is good or bad is usually 3000-20000 hours life, power if broken, the whole lamp is bright. Power supply for use in electronic components quality, design scheme determines the supply of power, power factor, stability, temperature increment, using his.
LED fluorescent lamp accessories shell power, the higher the better, more highly articulated power supply power consumption is small, the output power is. Like Liang Hao and other specifications of the manufacturers of power supply and the lamp product factory is the 24 hours of bump pressure electric shock aging test, if power, lamp product unqualified in the concave and convex piezoelectric impact will soon broken, through the aging test can greatly increase the product qualified rate. Pearl beads (chip): quality depends on the quality and skills of chip package. The brightness and light
chip quality improved resolution. Good lamp does not light luminous flux is high, and light attenuation is small, price difference is particularly big, the same one watt beads, not the same chip and package skill, the price difference reached 3-10 times, exceptionally low price ceiling lamp, many using chip production line and lay the defective products to manufacturing, inconsistent color temperature, brightness difference, life is short.
aluminum substrate, lens, wire
LED fluorescent lamp shell parts is mainly beads heat conduction to the LED radiator to dissipate, related to the amount of other information data of the aluminum plate thermal conductivity and aluminum base alloy, if add the copper and silver with high thermal conductivity material, the thermal conductivity of aluminum substrate materials must be high, the resolution of the aluminum plate of quality, the first look at the outside edge, the thermal conductivity of the aluminum plate, high pressure resistance intolerant, after reflow soldering board will not yellow.


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