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LED display assembly is not easy to connect the form of the need to remember

From: Data:31/05/2016

LED electronic display all assembled together is not easy, just as the configuration of a computer assembly, and even the LED electronic display to assemble more complex, more attention to the steps. It is connected by a lot of module and module is assembled by many beads, the step is a ring after ring, ring should be careful, otherwise LED electronic display effect will have an impact. LED and
display is important in connection, once a connection is not good, the next step will not be able to work properly. Only by understanding the knowledge, LED display will be more secure, effect is better, because the high brightness LED display power on, single package of high power and high brightness LED, high cost, and has now entered the practical odd high brightness LED display of power is very small. It must be a plurality of LED display screen in accordance with the requirements of permutation and combination, on the one hand can meet the requirements of application of large range, high brightness, dynamic display, color changes, on the other hand can meet the matched with the LED driver drive matching requirements.
the following mainly introduces four kinds of LED electronic display connection form:

second, the whole parallel form: one is the simple parallel form, the other is the parallel form of independent matching. Parallel LED1-n in parallel and simple, equal voltage on each LED work under the. The reliability is not high, but also compete on this issue take the independent matching of parallel, which has driven effect is good, a single LED display screen protection complete, failure does not affect the other work, can be matched with different characteristics.

third, hybrid form: the advantages of the proposed parallel and series by the appeal of the combination of the 2 kinds of. One is the first string and the mixed mode, the other is the first and after the series of mixed mode.

four, cross array form: cross array shape is mainly in order to improve the reliability of the work of LED display screen, reduce the failure rate put forward.

in summary /> shows the LED display screen is connected in a variety of ways and diverse, each step does not allow a connection error, so this for engineering and technical personnel is necessary to understand above four kinds of connection forms all have the advantages and disadvantages, concrete analysis of concrete problems, finally found himself fit for connecting the LED display form. Many engineering and technical people tend to ignore this point, resulting in a variety of LED display problems, and ultimately allow customers to lose confidence in the company. It is found that often a small detail decides success or failure, so in the LED display technology must do fine, do fine. I believe that this is the culture of every Enterprise Inc advocated by


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