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About LED stage display

From: Data:30/05/2016

past the stage background are generally fixed shape or color painting painting with light to show the effects of background, and now stage LED display screen is used in more and more places of entertainment. Today, Anqing LED small make up for you to introduce the stage LED display.

so what is the stage LED display?

simple that we see is the application of stage background of LED display is called stage LED display, the most intuitive, outstanding representative is this year’s Gala in the background is the application of LED display. The biggest feature of this display is rich scenes, large screen size, the content of gorgeous, can make people feel immersive scene.

on the stage LED display to be subdivided, mainly divided into three parts:

one, the main screen, the main screen is the most central stage of the display screen. Most of the time, the main screen shape into an approximate square or rectangle. And because it shows the importance of the content, so the main screen pixel density is relatively high requirements. Now used in the main screen display specifications are mainly P5, P4 and P6 three.

two, deputy screen, the side panel is used for the main screen on both sides of the display. Its main function is to the main screen foil, so it shows the content is relatively more abstract. As a result, the models used are relatively large. Now commonly used specifications are: P8, P7.62, P10, P12 and P16 models, and in the use of the process, are often used in the grid type LED display.

three, video development screen, it is mainly used in large occasions, such as: large concert, song and dance, etc.. In these occasions, because the site is relatively large, there are a lot of places can not see the stage performance figures and effects, so the side of the venue to set one or two large screen. Its content is generally live on the stage, and now commonly used specifications and the main screen similar, P4, P5 and LED these three specifications of the P6 display is used more.

in some KTV, dance halls and other places of entertainment will be used in a number of special shaped stage LED display, where I do not do the introduction. However, no matter where the occasion, the stage LED display applications are more and more. Business opportunities are also getting bigger, such as stage LED display is the most intuitive rental business performance.


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