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Indoor LED display price how to look at the cost of

From: Data:11/05/2016

Walking outdoors in the street, see the most is the street outdoor LED, in fact, the indoor LED display is also very popular, the wedding, the meeting is not the lack of indoor LED big screen.
indoor LED display has a variety of models, the price of its costs are not the same, how to understand the cost of its price contains what is the important factor?

first: LED lamp bead quality level is important, LED lamp mainly dip and surface mount lamps, line is mainly used for outdoor full color LED display, high brightness, surface mount type is mainly used for indoor LED display screen, and density. Cree, Japan’s Nichia and other high-end brands, these brands with reliable quality, good stability, high brightness, of course, the price is expensive.

secondly, notes box and steel structure, customer needs is waterproof box or a simple case, the computational cost of the location of the installation environment, size, steel materials, artificial fees, which will relate to the costs of indoor LED display screen.
other factors also affect the price of indoor LED display costs, but many companies will provide free after-sales service, the product will be sold to protect, customers can rest assured that the use of.

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