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High power LED lighting lamp port lighting requirements

From: Data:29/04/2016

industrial lighting generally uses high power high pressure sodium lamp or lamp, in recent years, the development of LED light source, making in outdoor lighting gradually modified LED street lamp or LED cast light lamps and so on. So what are the requirements of lighting in the port installation?

lighting for the pier, the LED should be installed in the outer edge of the location of the boundary, so that the working area, where the loading and unloading of the place, so that the lights will not be affected by obstacles. When the tide this arrangement may give off the shore ship deck caused by the shadow. Therefore, it must be on the deck and in the crane arm with the general lighting.

dock and on the deck of the lamps must be able to withstand the marine saline environment; usually choose the material of die casting aluminum, brass, stainless steel and other plastic. In addition, to ensure that the dock side of the LED cast light lamps will not interfere with the navigation signal light.


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