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Philips hue intelligent lighting dismantling

From: Data:25/01/2016

& nbsp; the hardships of dismantling is a sum over the, Dachang demeanor, cunning Dutch, irrigation radiating glue is on the one hand, more is to protect the dismantling, ginger industry and trade team split off, the picture below (total) is not thorough enough, is not fun, or do not want to share?
asked a friend to determine the composition, with a gas mask on the material, blow for two days, finally, removed, are tears......
compared with before the HUE team of the dismantling of the ginger, the new LED HUE number greatly reduced from 11 to 7, why can reduce? This was ginger dismantling led in part
first look at the pictures and speak slowly
this is the latest split out look:
is not is a little different. 11 reduced to 7, aluminum substrate are saved, with the PCB, but all the parameters of the nominal change, how to do? And why PHILPS is using RGB mixed light, that is really G it?
. I will analysis to everyone, then everyone also not rare I talked about in the lifx, hue is the real boss, optical in the extreme, of course, due to limited space, the said probably, mainly talk about dismantling, the hue of the optical, I will write separate thesis chapter chat, amount, but help hue circuit realization of a perfect optical system is also to say ah, alas, can say too much, in addition to control, hue really is perfect.
first reduced from 11 to 7, hue used is the light mixing technology, the sense of using this technology, it is inevitable that master, last year, a number of domestic brands, the hue what it boils down to, but eventually the OSRAM to RGBW scheme of Ti, why? Simple ah, w for white and other responsible for flirting, oh no, is responsible for the color, uncorrelated, lifx development some, in between the two, of course, lifx also understand, which have so many flirtations, so you’ll lifx is a particular color temperature of white light, hue is changing 2700-6500 any white and see the difference it, hue optical algorithm should is the strongest. In the third chapter, the figure of white film see, this thing is decorated, of course not, this thing reflectivity than aluminum high Oh, well beyond that, the next time the details. Right, and what is the Yellow LED, is it G? Of course not, what it is, to say don’t cut me, next time, this is good about dismantling. Why did
start to pick 11? This is rebel, 1-3W, 11 is how much, at least you can 11W, where the power to go?
we first take a look at the power supply board and motherboard
manufacturers produced must belong to the competitive products, see this work, rather than yeelight what, huh?? Cha far, 253 with PWM, LED control, in order to balance the pressure drop and output, the first 452 is helpless choice, is also required board output is low, and new circuit, Philips was modified. Should be part of the power supply, into the output of the 2 + 1, the particles of natural down. Summary of the
: Philips design idea is very simple, light mixing to achieve large color gamut and ZigBee 2530 realize wireless control, 110-240V 8W ACDC responsible for power, the three points, interested can challenge, pit and pit very, very deep.

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