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2016 6 major LED package technology can set off the situation

From: Data:01/04/2016

remember? At this time of 2015, CSP technology has gradually become a hot topic. Then, in 2016, what technology will dominate?

2015 LED product prices continue to decline, technological innovation has become a major tool to enhance product performance, reduce costs and optimize the supply chain. At the end of the price pressure, the market forced LED enterprise technology upgrades, but also to further promote the application of new technologies and universal speed.

technology innovation has always been an important weight for enterprises to increase product value. On the one hand, CSP chip scale package, led flip, to power supply module technology gradually mature and realize large-scale production, by the industry wide attention and focus on the next step is to improve the price; on the other hand, EMC, cob and high-voltage led the market continued to erupt, the future growth of the space will focus on market segmentation.

1, CSP chip scale package

is worth mentioning is that in 2015 CSP has become an important device for Direct TV backlight design. With a TV set from 2K to 4K, higher clarity, of light flux requirements higher, traditional power device brightness has not well meet the requirements. Because the non encapsulation chip can reduce the luminous area and improve the optical density, the optical efficiency is higher, and the system structure is optimized, and the permeability of the backlight field is improved continuously.

however, CSP to be widely used in the field of lighting, but also faces two major challenges in technology and cost. On the one hand, CSP is smaller than the traditional chip volume, the accuracy of SMT equipment requirements higher, which requires packaging companies on product line improvement or replacement equipment; on the other hand, with respect to the SMD products, CSP luminous efficiency (LM /W) and price (lm/wide) advantage is not obvious, most of the lighting manufacturers to wait-and-see attitude.

in short, the current stage of the domestic CSP chip package is still in the research and development period, will be along the path to improve the cost of development. With the CSP product scale effect is released, the price will be further improved, the next one or two years there will be more and more customers to accept CSP lighting products.

2, power supply module in recent years, "to the power of" the development is in full swing, so "power" in the end is what? "To the power of" will be built in power supply, reduce electrolytic capacitor, transformer and some other devices, will drive the circuit and the LED lamp beads shared a substrate to achieve drive of LED light source with highly integrated. Compared with the traditional LED, the power supply scheme is simpler, more easy to automate and batch production, and can reduce the volume and reduce the cost.

"to the advantages of low cost of power supply of the program promoted the rapid development, now account for approximately 108 LED lighting market share, mainly focused on the application of in order to wash wall lamp as the representative of the place of light quality requirements are not high. With the advancement of technology, to supply products in the application will extend to the ceiling lamps, panel lights, Tongdeng, high-quality lighting field, is expected next 1 to 2 years, accounted for the market share of 301.

currently, power supply products have "strobe" and instability problems. This leads to the power of the product can only be used in outdoor lighting, and can not be used in indoor high-end lighting places. Once the strobe bottleneck is broken, to the power of technology will impact the entire power ecosystem. In the long run, to power supply due to the high cost will have a larger market development space. <3, flip chip LED technology

the current CSP package is based on the flip chip technology and the existence of. Compared with the formal, led flip eliminates the gold link, probability of dying lamp decreased more than 905, to guarantee the stability of the products, to optimize the heat transfer ability of the products. At the same time, it can in a smaller chip area tolerate more current drive, more high luminous flux and thin and other characteristics, is the best solution for lighting and backlighting applications super current driven.

from the light source volume is smaller, higher light efficiency point of view, the upside is undoubtedly the future development trend of LED. At present, the flip chip technology has been relatively mature, continuous improvement of light efficiency, has entered the stage of the volume. Flip LED shipments accounted for 2019 increased to 328. As more and more LED manufacturers put into the field of LED technology, the gradual formation of economies of scale, will have the opportunity to further decline in the cost, the estimated 2017 flip chip LED will reach $5 billion 500 million in size.

at this stage, the yield is not high, the process is not yet mature, and increase the difficulty of the market for flip chip. In the future, the chip and the package need to work together to create a low-cost, high efficiency, high performance of the flip chip LED to meet market demand. <4, EMC package

since the introduction of the use of LED packaging in the field since 2014, in the interior lighting has been a significant development, and quickly became the main product with the COB and SMD "contend".

it is understood, EMC currently has 3030, 5050, 7070, and several models, of which 3030 have been quite prominent. 2015 nianguang exhibition in Asia, everywhere 3030 packaging products, in addition to domestic Ruifeng, Ismail, Hongli, static and billion light and OSRAM, Seoul International Coffee layout 3030.

Ismail project director Zhang Luhua that the packaging industry technology trends from the point of view, EMC will to 3030 as the center to two directions: one is to go along the direction of the small, main domestic pct of the market; another packaging trends is to go in the direction of the, the flagship cob City field. For example, 3~5 tile products, the cost of EMC is much cheaper than COB, but it can achieve the same effect. The next 5050/7070 is expected to replace the COB within 15 watts of products. <5, high pressure led package at present, improve the LED brightness common practice is amplifier chip size or increase the current operation, but it is not easy to fundamentally solve the problem, and may even lead to new problems, such as current cooling both, poor, droop effect as, but high voltage chip provides better solutions.

high voltage chip principle is actually using the concept of decentralized, the larger size of the chip is decomposed into many hearts high luminous efficiency and luminous uniform small chip, and through the semiconductor process technology integration together, so that the chip area make full use of, more effective to light the promotion of the purposes. From the perspective of the whole light (such as street lamps), high voltage chip with IC power supply, the power supply to withstand the voltage difference is small, in addition to increasing service life, but also can reduce the cost of the system. <6, cob packaging integrated cob integrated light source because it is easy to achieve dimming color, anti glare, high brightness, can very good solution to the chromatic aberration and heat dissipation, is widely used in the field of commercial lighting, by the favor of many LED packaging manufacturers.

since the beginning of 2010, cob is gradually accepted by the market, especially in 2012, domestic mainstream packaging factory of cob light source technology R & D efforts to gradually increase, market of cob source accept degree more and more high, price has become more and more rational.

until 2015, cob in the field of commercial lighting is developing rapidly, especially with the form of reflector or lens has become the directional illumination mainstream solutions, and bring the light quality promotion, the single high power devices unmatched. COB light source also became the preferred light source in the power business.

since the beginning of the 2014, with Philips Lumileds, Puri, citizen, Samsung, led by the international well-known manufacturers, one after another in the field of high photosynthetic efficiency cob launch new products, in order to create a high-quality, high luminous efficiency of the cob pattern. At the same time, the gap between domestic and foreign COB further narrowing, is expected, domestic COB enterprises or will be fully realized on the conventional import of COB products, a comprehensive alternative.

at this stage COB is facing the process of customized demand, the future of the COB market will be the direction of the development of standardized products. Due to the COB upstream and downstream facilities are more mature, cost-effective, once the general solution, will further accelerate the scale of.


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