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Why should LED full color large screen video processor?

From: Data:29/03/2016

If full color LED display screen development is inseparable from the video processor to help, then led full-color large screen why need in the video processor? LED video processor directly affects the LED full color display. In general, LED video processor, which is a dedicated video processor LED. However, the completion of the task, in simple terms, is from external (e.g. Blu ray DVD, PC, HD player box, etc.) of image signal conversion for the LED full color display can accept the signal. LED video processor for LED full color display main role is reflected in the following aspects: A, picture zoom LED full color display is point to point, which determines the LED full color display can only display and its physical resolution images of the same size. LED video processor can be scaled image, the screen will be the output of any size, complete the entire desktop mapping to the LED screen screen. Whether the resolution increases or decreases, you can let the screen display a complete image. Second, the resolution specification conversion in general, the image signal source (for example Blu ray DVD, PC, HD player box, etc.) provide the signal resolution is fixed specifications (refer to the VESA, ITU, SMPTE standard), and LED full color display modular splicing show that the resolution can be almost arbitrary numerical. The video signal processor will be converted to a variety of resolution of the actual physical LED full color display resolution. Three, signal conversion and switching video processing equipment to complete the format conversion between many signals. Another important function of the video processor is to manage all kinds of signals when there are multiple access signals. Four, the image quality to improve the digital image processing technology from 1920s to the present, there has been a large number of patent technology. Such as DCDi, ACC2, ACM3D and other awards received an Faroudja Laboratory of a series of patented technology. These technologies undoubtedly make the visual effect of the image has been greatly improved. Full color LED display its pixel spacing is much larger than that of the other flat panel display medium. Therefore, for image processing technology, especially image enhancement technology has strict requirements. High quality LED video processor can use advanced algorithm modifications to be made to the poor quality of the image signal and to perform the interlaced, edge sharpening, motion compensation and so on a series of processing, and enhance the image details and enhance the display quality. Five, large screen splicing the LED full color display space more and more small, dimensions is more and more huge, thus making physical resolution of the LED screen becomes very large. LED video processor with the splicing function, to drive the resolution of the screen, it is a very cost-effective way to drive. Six, picture processing many special scene under a display screen need to display pictures of the same or different signals, with multiple picture processing of video processor, can flexibly meet the display requirement of such. Seven, bit depth to enhance the full color LED display of gray level has been raised to 16 bit, 17 bits. However the input signal source most is only 8 bits. Therefore, follow the footsteps of the era of high-definition display, 10 or even 12 bit processing technology in the video processor is the trend of the times. Eight, color space conversion LED display color gamut is very wide, and most of the image signal color space is relatively small (such as NTSC). In order to make the full color LED display has excellent image display, color space conversion must be carried out.

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