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What are the installation steps of LED? Notice what?

From: Data:24/03/2016

LED flood light similar to LED cast light lamps, are local irradiation of a modern energy-efficient lighting source in all directions, but no matter the appearance or the shell material and so on are quite different from that of general outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, so this kind of lamps and lanterns in the purchase and install also its own characteristics. , led floodlight installation steps: 1, led floodlights are generally used for outdoor landscape lighting, so the work is not a light alone alone, but many lamp LED floodlight work at the same time, so the installation generally require more than lamp LED floodlights installed at the same time, the installation first installed guardrail, punch holes in the wall, spacing according to the actual requirements, generally within 3 cm. 2, be the guardrail installed to do the lamps and lanterns of anti-static measures, such as table to grounding, installation workers to wear appropriate static clothing, anti-static measures must do in place, because of the different quality of different grades of LED floodlights, antistatic ability strong and the weak is different. 3, the installation note seal, sealing performance poor, diameter of LED floodlight service life, because led flood light work in the outdoors, working environment is relatively poor, if the sealing performance is poor, it is possible that the water, its service life is not long. 4, in the installation process LED pan light lamp wiring is best not more than 25 cm, the transformer power can be correspondingly longer, otherwise affect the brightness of the pan. LED pan light lamp installation notes: 1, in the installation of LED pan light lamp to try to use the series LED form, because the LED flood lamp voltage difference is special. Common LED peak current is maintained at 80 Ma, reverse voltage in the 6V, the LED application should pay attention to the design of the circuit when the peak voltage and current in this limit. 2, welding using 25 watts or less voltage, electric soldering iron alone control hey 300 degrees Celsius below on the condition of high temperature, the exposed of SMD LED, do not squeeze the part of an epoxy resin, or wipe with sharp and hard objects, because the LED lamp is very fragile, easily damaged, so welding time 3 seconds.


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