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Application characteristics of indoor LED display

From: Data:23/03/2016

indoor LED display screen is middy installation and in indoor environment using a LED display screen, contains a large bucket type screen, full-color LED display, special-shaped display multiple category, in brightness, watch distance, color reducibility are and outdoor products have obvious difference.

brightness, considering indoor LED display screen installation limited regional area and brightness to much lower than outdoor, and in order to take care of the viewing eye adaptation process, brightness is even able to adaptively adjust, so that not only more energy saving and environmental protection, but also be able to from the viewer need of human regulation.

indoor LED display of the point spacing are generally below 8mm, viewing distance is relatively close, especially small spacing LED screen viewing distance can be close to 2 - 1 meters. Viewing distance narrow, screen display effect can also be improved accordingly, the details of the display and color reduction to very outstanding, will not give clear particles sense, and these are advantages of LED large screen. Special shaped screen with large bucket type screen, often multi screen splicing and 360 degree viewing angle, the Shanghai Sansi bear the Mercedes Benz cultural center large bucket type screen and Henderson 688 square shaped screen, called the two classic.


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