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LED medical applications to the next city: to cure MRSA infection

From: Data:15/03/2016

of Osaka City University in Japan announced on 08 2014 21, the school’s research team through natural amino acids (5- aminolevulinic acid photodynamic therapy: ALA) systemic administration and the use of LED light (PDT), have been successfully treated by antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection of skin ulcer. Drug resistant bacteria this new method does not produce, which is expected to become a new method for the treatment of bacterial infections. The research team is working with Japan SBI company Pharmaceuticals research, will be pre clinical testing for MRSA infection of skin ulcer.

has appeared in recent years, antibiotic resistant bacteria resistant to antimicrobial agents become the problem in the world. A typical example is the MRSA. MRSA infected skin ulcers are more difficult to cure than uninfected, many patients infected with MRSA, died of wounds died. For the former can be effective in the treatment of MRSA infection and antibiotic vancomycin resistant MRSA "has also appeared. In this case, you need to develop a new antibiotic resistant bacteria will not produce and does not depend on the treatment of antibacterial drugs.

injection of ALA, and implement the PDT

wound area reduction ratio

R & D team first made in the mouse back skin ulcer MRSA infection. Then ALA as the photoreceptor of substances for systemic administration and implementation of PDT using wavelength blue violet light source LED 410nm (photodynamic therapy). PDT is the feeling of light material to the target tissue. By irradiating a specific wavelength of light, the generation of reactive oxygen to kill target cells (bacteria). This method is not the development of drug-resistant bacteria. The verification results show that the MRSA is destroyed, has the same curative effect with uninfected MRSA ulcer. The ALA PDT may become a new method of non resistance bacteria for the treatment of MRSA infection.

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