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For the regulation of stage lighting control

From: Data:26/01/2016

  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; photochromic additive and looking for subtraction
  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; drawing, as long as the master of the color rule, you can use several mix the color changing color. Seasoning deployment is the application of the color used for subtraction total “ ” law. Understand the rules, using the filter superposition method can make all the light. The stage lights in the different types of filters are added together, can be obtained through the light color required. The stage lights also use the &ldquo palette for painting; subtraction &rdquo rules. But it is worth mentioning is the stage lights should not only use this method, you must also use & ldquo; photochromic additive & rdquo; a method to obtain a different color. The primary colors of light red, green, blue and white added regularly. If we take the & ldquo; photochromic additive & rdquo; rules and & ldquo; looking for subtraction & rdquo; law of confusion is not clear, is difficult from the use of color to find reasonable scientific laws. In fact, in color TV and color film photography in the same use of these two rules. Red and green mixed to generate yellow light, and the yellow color is not likely to come out of the red and green with, and as yellow garland of the mixing of colored light can produce white light. The primary red color with blue and green produce middle yellow. This is actually a complementary color, also known as color. All two colors added to produce white, they called these two colors are white color, which is the sum of the law.
  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; stage lighting filter phase superposition & ldquo; looking for subtraction & rdquo; the obtained color and stage two different color light mixing together the & ldquo; photochromic additive & rdquo; is two different color matching method must clarify the two different rules, and then in the stage lighting design practice in familiar with him in order to get the artistic effect.
  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; stage lighting luminous body and a color filter used in the study
  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; color of stage lighting, the use of skills, and must to be familiar with the use of tools & mdash; & mdash; & mdash; stage light body and a filter. As for artists painting must be familiar with the performance of paint, canvas and pen words, more on stage is the use of tungsten lamp. Due to the tungsten filament in to ensure the normal life of the bearing temperature emits only 2800k color, color slants yellow for in warm shades of color filter, when the performance of warm tone of the scene, such as Wei blue at night is more difficult. Lack of blue component of the light source, so through the filter about the loss of the 70 percent of the light, reducing the light intensity of illumination, his color pure principal since after the invention of the tungsten halogen lamps to light color temperature reaches 3200K, which is almost the limit, the color is still warm, if we raise the use of tungsten filament temperature will lead to life is greatly reduced, there will be no use value.
  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; drama is eye viewing of art, but the optic nerve different in color film or television, eye color sense cell is weak, in the dark in the wrong color difference between poor. As the human eye in the dark night is almost blind. The distinction of color is much lower than the sensitivity of the film and television, stage lighting is an important problem to solve, if without the aid of a gas discharge lamp or metal halide lamps development, improve the cool light brightness and purity is difficult. Currently used changes in the use of the legal system of the light lamp dimming (control the light) is not ideal, limit it on the stage when the use of a large number of dimmer, are due to the voltage drop caused by the warming of photochromic partial color (voltage of each of the reduced 1V is color temperature is reduced 10K) special effects cool colors luminous light changing. For many years, it has been studied using a fluorescent lamp to solve this puzzle. In recent years, the start of the three fluorescent lamp using frequency conversion optical fiber line in the film. Now the stage lighting filters used for fear of ester resin (also called Dacron) was made.
  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; because polyester resin filter is difficult to do not fade, so some performance retained foreign repertoire theater still retains the use of the habit of color glass filter. Colored glass is a different color, which is produced by adding some metal or oxide to the molten glass, and the color will not fade. This will ensure that the quality of the repertoire will not change.

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