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LED light "above market monopoly" 60W incandescent lamp "above all eliminated

From: Data:16/03/2016

online store and sell incandescent lamps don’t have

of Zhejiang lighting enterprises nearly 80% market share more and more involved in the LED

yesterday, a Shanghai Interior Design Company’s chief designer Fan Fei Jay to a Hangzhou club to the design, it specifically marked the corridor and room lamp, all LED lamp : "incandescent lamp has not considered. It is mainly used LED lights and energy saving lamps. Now more and more varieties of LED lamp, energy-saving lamp, saving more than more on the level, we will generally recommend customers to purchase LED lamps." Fan Feijie said.

130 years ago, the great inventor Thomas Edison invented the incandescent yellow pear, has brought great changes to human life. Now is the time to this great invention and say goodbye. According to the 2013 national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and other 6 ministries jointly issued the " " semiconductor lighting energy industry planning, this year, 60W more than ordinary incandescent lighting will be eliminated. Zhejiang Lighting Appliance Association chairman Weng Maoyuan said, with the apparent effect of the policy, and the market self adjustment factor, incandescent lamp sales are declining, currently in the lighting market accounted for less than 3, although the energy-saving lamps or mainstream products, but last year first appeared negative growth in sales, market the vacancy was occupied by LED products.

incandescent lamp market have seen

in fact, incandescent lamps on the market already gradually eliminated. In the Angel lighting market in the east of Hangzhou, a small business was still in the sale of incandescent lamp. A shopkeeper said, the store is the main energy-saving lamps, the proportion of sales accounted for more than half. The incandescent lamp is where the best of the incandescent lamp of 25 watts, with household based. The relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Century Lianhua supermarket and Suning also said that Hangzhou area stores began in the past two years, has been the sale of incandescent lamp. In the Taobao

online shop sales have incandescent lamps are numbered, is the best selling PHILPS 25W incandescent light bulbs with a price of 2.50 yuan, the recent payment of nearly 600 people. On the contrary, LED lamp sales significantly higher several times: a price of 13.80 yuan OPPLE lighting LED lighting, there are currently 10289 people pay another techua star LED bulb is more popular, as long as the price of 6.99 yuan, the recent 18000 payment.

5 years ago to sell 300 yuan now as long as the LED lamp ten

has been, "not to save money, is a problem restricting the popularity of LED lamps. If the price of energy-saving lamp and LED lamp is not much difference between the next, how would you choose? Weng Maoyuan said, 5 years ago, a LED bulb, want to sell 300 yuan by the end of 2013, as long as 20 yuan, the current prices dropped about 40%, in the future, with the LED production technology continues to mature, the price will fall further, the market competition will be more and more strong.

addition, LED is also expected to get the same lamp and energy-saving lamp promotion policies to support two years ago. "Planning" in the semiconductor lighting industry put forward a series of concrete measures and policies, including fiscal subsidies gradually expand efforts to promote timely bulb with wide and mature technology of LED lighting products included in the scope of subsidies. Zhang Linfu said, only half of LED lamp energy saving lamps, life is 4-5 times of the ordinary energy-saving lamps. If included in government subsidies, the price down, LED industry will usher in the explosive growth.

Zhejiang lighting enterprise nearly 80% involved in LED industry

Weng Maoyuan said, under the guidance of national policy, more and more traditional lighting companies involved in the LED industry, business transformation will become a trend: at present, more than the size of Zhejiang lighting companies a total of more than 500, in 2013 20% involved in the LED industry, the proportion increased to 78%. The export scale of LED lighting industry last year amounted to $3 billion 500 million, an increase of nearly 50% over the same period, the national export volume accounted for about 35%. This year the province’s LED output value will be increased to 40 billion yuan, accounting for about 40% of the entire lighting industry market share. Hangzhou

energy-saving lamp production enterprise biggest Yuzhong Gaohong chairman Zhang Linfu said the company began production and sales of LED products from 2013, when sales reached 80 million yuan, mainly exported to the United States; last year increased to 300 million yuan, are also export orders. This year, the new plant Gaohong Yu in the new equipment will be put into production, is expected to export scale will be doubled, reaching 700 million yuan, in addition, because the policy effect brought about by the optimistic about the "planning" semiconductor lighting industry, Yu Gao Hong this year also intends to open up the domestic independent brand market, is expected to 100 million in sales volume yuan.

large enterprises to scale profits, small and medium-sized enterprises rely on differentiated products for the market. Haoting lighting enterprises in Tongxiang last year, won the foreign chain supermarket orders, 3 specifications of LED products for the company to create a profit of 60 million yuan, profit rate reached 30%, significantly higher than the average level of the country last year, 17%.


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