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The fierce competition in the LED industry manufacturers push new

From: Data:16/03/2016

, according to Taiwan media reports in the times, LED industry competition, Taiwan LED factory actively develop new technology, in 2015 the Spanish American photoelectric exhibition, EPISTAR, Lunda, Huaxin photoelectric and macro Qi respectively display new products and new technology, which launched UV crystal electric UV Vis infrared IR and other kinds of wavelength LED the grain, to meet a variety of LED applications in optical spectrum; lextar main UV can be used in LED; inkjet printing, Manicure lamp; Huaxin photoelectric main high power laser, and show different packaging technology cooling demand; Qi Zezhan 1.5mm macro distance, low power, ultra high resolution LED indoor display billboard.

photoelectric Association said that in recent years, LED lighting market took off because of , but the market competition is more intense, so the manufacturer must have done at the same time, investment and development in advanced technology, innovative applications, product segment etc.; Taiwan optoelectronic semiconductor manufacturers to show the technical features in Photonics West, for example, Huaxin photoelectric exhibition high power epitaxial laser, laser module and all kinds of applications such as vertical integration advantage; Wang Qi exhibited ultra high resolution LED indoor display billboard and LED composite yarn; crystal electric publication of the band UV to IR LED HV and LED grains, PEC technology also launched to meet the lighting applications. Lextar show energy technology application specific UV LED grain, package, in order to expand the application of antenna. In 2015 the

(Photonics West) - photoelectric Exhibition on display in the product category to laser components, systems and spare parts for the largest; filter, reflector, lens and other optical components of the spectrum measurement system and equipment, optical communication components, sensors, camera and imaging system, LED /OLED etc. it is a popular show, in this exhibition, EPISTAR (crystal) launched UV UV Vis infrared wavelength of LED IR and other kinds of grain, to meet a variety of LED applications in optical spectrum, especially in lighting applications, crystal electric also introduced high voltage chip high luminous efficiency, and it has no need for wiring, low forward voltage, low heat group, under high driving current and other advantages of the PEC (Pad Extension Chip) flip chip technology.

another giant - lextar flagship UV LED, can be used in inkjet printing, Manicure lamp etc.. Compared with the traditional UV UV LED mercury lamp, energy saving 90%, life more than 10 times, low temperature, light source, point out immediately the advantages of easy integration design.

Huaxin photoelectric launch high power red laser and its application in optical communication, the main high power laser, display and packaging technology of different cooling needs, such as the TO-CAN package, and the laser particle directly welded on the metal block, satisfy the heat dissipation of high power laser with C /CT-mount package and module integration; in addition also has Fiber Coupled Laser and Fiber Mount integrated product. As for the

Wang Qi exhibit indoor LED display billboard and LED composite yarn, the Hong Qi display 1.5mm distance, low power, ultra high resolution LED indoor display billboard, using the 3-in-1 SMD package and common cathode technology to achieve ultra small spacing display, can be used in the display cabinet. The LED composite yarn in addition to wearable (LED Embedded Yarn), the distance of 2.5mm, the color of white /red /yellow /Green /blue, can be used in clothing accessories, sports and recreation, safety warning etc..


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