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Crystal electric price fell below the net? Dongzuo said "no reason"

From: Data:18/03/2016

crystal electric chairman Li Bingjie optimistic about the second quarter LED industry boom, EPISTAR May orders growth significantly. He also pointed out that the stock price fell below the net value of crystal electric "no reason", the current global penetration of LED lighting of only 10%, has a great space for future growth.

came outside crystal electric loss in the first quarter, Li Bingjie stressed that the first quarter of the industry is still profitable, if coupled with the industry, at least 500 million yuan account income, so the first quarter performance will be better than expected. Crystal electric board will be convened next week.

recently LED groups was the legal person stabbed, Li Bingjie analysis, in the past LED industry boom since April rebounded significantly, and in March there will be a gap, but this year deferred LED TV backlight needs a month, didn’t look bad at this year’s LED boom.

Li Bingjie said that in April March the single crystal growth of 10% in May, due to backlight LED TV back to temperature, growth will be stronger. PC, semiconductor industry in the second quarter is relatively conservative, but the LED industry is the second season of industry of science and technology.

foreign capital of nearly two months of continuous sell super crystal electric crystal electric of more than 120 thousand, the stock price fell below the net value of 53.19 yuan per share, Li Bingjie said: "this is not justified." He said the company will fall below the net, on behalf of the future will not make money, but the crystal electric performance this year better than last year, foreign business performance see crystal electric will back up.

Li Bingjie said, crystal electric two times below the net value per share, one is the Internet bubble in 2002, another is the financial storm in 2008. At present, the stock market high, Taiwan million shares to challenge, crystal electric physical and global competitiveness are better than before, the net below is significantly oversold.

said Li Bingjie LED for the prosperity of the industry, this year, the overall demand is still growing, but because of the price decline, growth momentum will appear mild.

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