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How to market in the second half? LED language

From: Data:15/03/2016

time flies, suddenly, in July has come, nearly half of 2015. Review of the past six months, the LED industry in the rapid development and fierce competition and raging like a storm, hidden mystery. Then, the second half of the LED industry will show how a scene? Small finishing, Everlight, Lunda, new century four Dachang dongzuo views, hopes for the second half of the year to pre boom industry and some suggestions.

Everlight chairman Ye Yinfu: backlight needs in the first half of the weak performance of the third quarter, the backlight market back to temperature

LED package Dachang photoelectron billion shareholders will be held recently, the outlook for the prospects, Everlight chairman yeyin Fu said, because this year no international sporting events, TV backlight needs in the first half of the weak performance, coupled with lighting the price is poor, the second quarter LED factory operating pressure, is expected in the third quarter with TV backlight demand back to temperature, with the lighting demand growth, estimated overall operation is expected to rise. Billion light at the shareholders’ meeting today through share allotment of cash dividend 4 yuan nt.

, Ye Yinfu pointed out that the supply chain is to price competition, but it is a short-term phenomenon, be limited or not, the strength of the support for a long time, the industry will eventually be done well; he stressed that billion light electricity is quite competitive and. In addition, the crystal electric fell below the net, Ye Yinfu said that if funding permits, does not rule out the back Bujing electric holdings.

Everlight chairman Ye Yinfu said, has been to billion light crystal electric, special application of joint development of infrared, help out of the Red Sea competition LED. It is understood that the crystal electric vehicle has received LED orders, billion light is also actively expanding production, by car market demand.

Ye Yinfu said that the Taiwan LED industry must focus on cultivating several high potential niche products, and strengthen product segment, to break the existing pattern of application development, such as infrared and ultraviolet UV IRLED products, billion light is very strong in IR, especially in the power management and control, and has jointly developed electric crystal special application products. Photo exhibition

just ended, and all show billion light electric infrared products. Crystal electric display chip infrared infrared technology - the new high energy conversion rate, the mass production in the second half of the year, has received the order, including cars, night vision function, security, medical and other related products, product gross margin of more than four.

crystal electric chairman Li Bingjie: LED price increments depressed profit, lighting needs strong momentum

crystal electric listing Corporation chairman Li Bingjie said, the backlight orders than in previous years has slowed down, estimate the slow rise after lighting backlight orders, orders were back to the cage.

Li Bingjie said that this year prices fell LED pressure continues, but the market will drop in prices under the stimulation of sales forecast this year and last year, the output value is expected to match the backlight. The size of the TV and 4K2K amplification to enhance penetration, maintain the peak value of the backlight. The lighting market is expected to double the amount of growth in sales last year, LED lighting global about 9-12 million, this year sales volume can be enlarged to 20-25 million, LED lighting sales annual growth rate of more than last year to accelerate.

Li Bingjie pointed out that because the land plants have been rising, emerge in the packaging and lamps in the back end, so the upstream chip terminal also gradually generate pressure, have a great impact on the price of the terminal, resulting in market price competition. But also because the terminal prices fell this year to promote lighting market volume growth forecast this year, global LED lamp will be 5 U.S. dollars are factory goods, compared with $8 last year, the rapid decline, more energy-saving lamps produce $6 lower, substitution effect.

Li Bingjie said that this year is expected to LED factory will face great pressure down the price of the terminal manufacturers, the gross profit is compressed, must maintain the gross profit to improve manufacturing process and product. Crystal electric this year will not be purchasing new machines, and the use of existing machine to make adjustments to increase output, to reduce the 70% chip, maintain brightness, maintain profitability.

LED lighting needs in the governments subsidy under the strong growth momentum this year, the government subsidies to support growth momentum. Li Bingjie said that this year, including India and the Egyptian government actively grants LED lighting to replace, in order to reduce the power consumption, the government of India is expected to 2 LED light assigned to each family, the total demand reached 100 million, LED lighting in the government to promote the rapid growth of replacement under.

Li Bingjie said that the 6 inch LED wafer gradually towards the development, but the industry generally in the 6 inch process bottlenecks, the cost is still in the mature technology of 4 inch advantage. This year the estimated adjusted maximum capacity can be increased by 50%, in the process of chip technology will cut small pattern this year urged the gross margin in the prices down steadily.

lextar electronics chairman Su Fengzheng: the price war to stimulate the LED permeability, the second half growth curve steep

Holland PHILPS Corp. (Philips) recently in the North American market throws a shocker, low price to two LED bulbs for $4.97 to grab the city, causing the industry shock in an uproar. LED lighting prices plus PHILPS lift price war, although the impact of the LED lighting factory, Taiwan LED lighting industry alliance (TLLiA) chairman, chairman Su Fengzheng think lextar Electronics will help drive demand growth is expected to continue to enhance the strength.

Su Fengzheng believes that PHILPS in the North American low sales LED bulb issue said that international brands this move not only to clear inventory, but through promotions to grab market share, not only become the market price direction indicators, to further boost the market demand, but also marketing advertising for the brand itself.

Su Fengzheng of LED lighting growth momentum from commercial and household lighting, the latter mainly depends on the demand for LED bulb. PHILPS is now out of the first gun price rush, will lead to other manufacturers continue to follow up, the consumer purchase intention will be with the LED bulb price increases, thereby promoting permeability. So Su Fengzheng is very optimistic about the LED bulb next to market demand, especially in the second half of 2015 to 2016 is expected to continue to grow. Although the price behavior of PHILPS

fear of Ronda ally CREE (CREE) pose a threat to Su Fengzheng, but the overall market is the key that drives the growth of the market and the consumer market is the trend of price war. Of course, LED bulb price will not be Kuangxiang to no limit, will eventually return to the state.

Zhong Kuanren, chairman of the new century: LED flip chip market competitive price to become the new blue ocean

LED market price competition is serious, affect the profitability of the firm performance, the new century chairman Zhong Kuanren pointed out that the use of LED is very wide, the new century opened the expansion of new active use, this year’s strategy to improve revenue and profits do not punch products, covering the crystal process (Flipchip) products in the second half can be increased to 3, Japan and Taiwan factory factory has been driven into the market and the automobile headlight lamp line drawing, the beginning of the second half of the shipment.

Zhong Kuanren said that the current mobile phone backlight and flash in the proportion of total revenue of about 2~3, about 3 TV backlight, the other is about 4 percent among lighting, LCD TV backlight has been into the Taiwan area and the mainland main packaging factory, the new century is not only first into Korean TV manufacturers LED epitaxy factory, Taiwan is also home to first car headlights LED (Light Emitting Diode, LED manufacturers).

general lighting products prices due to price competition is fierce, so the new century to actively transition toward a better profit using blue ocean products, lighting, commercial lighting, factory is a courtyard lamp lighting, the use of new field effect in the future will gradually appear, the outlook is still very optimistic about the LED industry.

Zhong Kuanren jokes that he into the LED Casino, in the LED industry less lose is to win the case, the new century is to actively promote the use of flip chip process, second quarter revenues accounted for about 20~25%, the second half of the year will rise to 3.

flip chip products due to heat related applications faster than expected, the new century flip product applications, from flash and TV backlight, expanded to mobile phone backlight and automotive lighting. At present, in addition to

amplification of flip chip process and steering automobile and commercial lighting industry, from the beginning of June also began to turn to 4 inch 2 inch production line. At present, 2 inch and 4 inch in the proportion of 2 to 8, is expected in the third quarter after the conversion, 4 inch product proportion will rise to 8, 2 inch is reduced to about 2, with a minimum of capital spending to improve productivity, and reduce operating costs.

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