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ROHM successfully developed a large power LED lighting with high power driver mo

From: Data:15/03/2016

Rohm recently developed a insulation type LED drive module, the product most suitable for using LED show lighting , landscape lighting, residential lighting, facilities lighting, disaster prevention lighting and other various LED illumination apparatus .

this new product has been from March 2007 began to supply samples (sample price of approximately RMB 123.6 yuan /Branch);; bp5843 type products from may start mass production, monthly production of 5 million; to 9 months before and the other three types of products to started mass production. Production process in Rohm Amagi Corporation (Shizuoka), Rohm ELECTRONICS Dalian Co., Ltd. (Dalian, China).

in recent years, in the lighting, replace the fluorescent lamp, the original power for small long-life LED incandescent lamp case up. LED is being applied to traffic signal lamp , mosaic in the ceiling lamps, spotlights, a light guide guide lights and many other uses.

in addition, if there is a part of senior car headlights with LED, then the demand for LED lighting will continues to increase.

and ROHM based on the previously developed AC/DC converter breeding technology, using the constant current circuit for LED driver, LED driver module developed a leading industry first. The loss of control to a minimum way by using the current detection circuit, to achieve high efficiency and high precision.

and because of the switching power supply control circuit, a switch element, a transformer, a constant current circuit are included in a package in, so you only need to small connected components can be constructed with a power supply circuit.

& lt; Lighting & gt; the advantages of high power LED drive module;

1) input voltage for the DC113V to 170V (conversion is to 120V AC80V)

2) is the best driver of LED constant current output (by use of external resistors set current value)

3) ambient temperature caused by constant current value, the change of small (+ 1%: the actual value)

4) power conversion efficiencies were achieved for the industry’s top level of 85% (than the original increase 2% ~ 8%)

5) to use the built-in transformer switch small SIP11 package (L * h * D=32.9 x 2.5 x 15.1: mm max.)

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