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BAKO’s amazing products are waiting for you on ISLE.

From: Data:23/02/2016

      ISLE (International Signs & LED Exhibition, Guangzhou 2016) is on going now. Because of our good LED display quality, BAKO is lucky to be chosen as one of the top exhibitors. Our booth number is Hall 11.2, NO A09. You are welcome to visit.

      BAKO is devoted to this exhibition. We exhibit two types products. One is the perfect P1.9 165 ‘’ LED TV with 1920*1080 full HD resolution. We are one of the few suppliers who have mask for it, which makes the showing effect better. Also, design is delicate and attractive. Besides, there is promotion for this type of product during the exhibition with competitive price.

     The other type of product is P3.91 die-casting LED display applying our “DIAMOND SERIES”. The designer gets idea from the noble diamond to make the cabinet humanized and nice-looking. It takes consideration of the application for rental event. For example, it can be both front and rear service. The assembly and disassembly is fast. There is a small screen to show users concerns such as power consumption and temperature. The high refresh rate makes it perfect choice for stage and TV station where camera is a must. Anyway, it will be BAKO’s star product in 2016.  


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