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Some strategies to buy a good led screen

From: Data:06/09/2015


As the advertisement industry develops, led screens are necessary and rewarding. Here Shenzhen BAKO Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd offer you some advices to buy a good led screen.


1.To know what you want.

Some customers may be lost when they face different kinds of led screens. If you want to install an outdoor billboard led screen, if the screen area is around 20sqm, it is better to use small pixel pitch led screen, P5,P6,P8 and P10 are good choice. If the screen size is over 100sqm, then BAKO P8 ,P12.8 is good choice.

For rental led screen, BAKO P3.91,P4.81,P5.21,P6.25 should suits your different demands . Actually there is no big difference between P3.91 and P4, P4.81 and P5, P6.25 and P6.


2.Visit the manufactory before contract

It is very important to visit the company and check the factory condition. How many machines in the factory , how many QC workers ,how many engineers .How is the working condition for the workers.


3.Pay attention to the raw materials

Good manufactory usually use good and real brand raw materials, like IC from Macroblock, good led light suppliers, good powersupply like Meanwell.

Here you can check if the supplier are membership of Macroblock company.


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