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What is small pixel pitch technology

From: Data:13/08/2015


Small Pixel Pitch Technology


Now a days, the technology grows in all kinds of sectors. Especially LED display technology growing very fast like jet. Now you can have a different variety of LED displays such as normal display, flexible display, paper thin display, DJ console, Dance floor display,..etc.


Thanks to small pitch technology with high resolution which makes Ultra HD, 2K, 4K & 8K images and videos. By choosing right pixel pitch is important task as because you have to know all the details such as environment, viewing distance, resolution,.etc. Then you can able to go with right product for right place.  


BAKO has small pixels such as 1.6mm and 1.9mm pitches with a consistent design, and it LED video walls deliver a crisp, high contrast image with its black resin LEDs. Also delivers 24x7 reliability and improved serviceability by removing heat, complexity and potential points of failure from behind the video wall and conveniently co-locates them with other rack mounted equipment for improved accessibility.



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