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BAKO New Mini Pixel Pitch LED Display serials

From: Data:09/06/2015 

After more than one year consistently design, test, and improved, now BAKO have a series of amature High resolution LED screen, it include P1.6, P1.9, P2.3, P2.5, P2.8.

Last week, our Professional R & D team give all the international and demostic salesman a specific training, they show us the HD screen effect either.

BAKO Small pixel LED screen, with features:

1)       Seamless connection.

High cabinet Accuracy with the improved die-cast Aluminum cabinet using CNC technology, it’s less than 0.05mm, so that the phenomenon of bright & dark line can be solved perfectly.

2)       Full HD

Each panels can make 1920*1080 full HD(2k), Also, convenient cabinet design can make resolution bigger such as 4K or more.

3)       High refresh rate

BAKO PCB, IC and control system are perfectly combined to achieve satisfying high refresh effect

4)       High Grey scale & low brightness

BAKO LED screen focus on getting good grey scale with low brightness so there will be no problem if people stare at it with long time.

5)       Noiseless

Without fan design to make sure complete quietness, while at the same time keep good cooling system.

Recently we are also designing new lightbox LED Panel, if any interst, just contact us freely.


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