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BAKO New small pixel pitch product pre-announce

From: Data:17/06/2016

After the success of BAKO diamond rental led screen ( cabinet size 500mmx500mm), another new design for small pixel pitch led screen will come out at the end of this month, that is BAKO easy maintained small pixel pitch series,  pixel pitch P2.5, p3 are available. easy maintains, good looking, Stable quality are the main points.
Let’s take a previous look of the cabinet back view.

Easy maintains are the first point. Two steps to take out a module, two steps to install a module on the cabinet, no need any tools. Similar design idea as BAKO diamond rental series. If you have bought BAKO diamond rental product or you have visited BAKO company this year, you can read the good feelings from the laborers’ face. Because of high precision , easy maintains , the laborers can install a big led screen very easily and quickly, package this series product also in a short time.  
Nothing is more important than stability . BAKO has strict requirement on the suppliers. To develop the brand, suppliers also are very eager to cooperation with BAKO company . For this easy maintains small pixel series, good the product design and good raw materials ensure the stability. High refresh rate, good grey color , the screen can get good condition under the camera.
This high pixel resolution product can be applied on TV station ,luxury shopping mall, meeting room , car exhibition and so on.


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