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How much do you know in selecting power suppliers for LED displays ?

From: Data:14/06/2016

LED power supply, as one of the main devices of a LED display, is playing an important role to the LED display. Research data indicated that more than 80% of the failure display is caused by power supply. Today you will learn how to selecting a good power supply to make the display perfect.

First, we only choose power supply with good appearance, which means excellent array uniformity of component.
Second, check the efficiency of the power supply. Judging the level of power supply’s energy-saving is based on the efficiency. It must higher than 80% when full load as a good power supply. the higher the efficiency, the less the active power input.
Third, PFC value is also important as the efficiency. The PF value of a power supply without PFC function could lower than 0.6. Low PF value will increasing the reactive power and made a huge loss of the electricity.
Fourth, we need to make sure the power supply has an excellent stability, which can affect the stability and working life of the LED display. It can be indicated by the ripple and temperature rise. The power supply with good stability must has a low-ripple and a low temperature rise.
Above mentioned is the mainly selecting factor for a good supply. moreover, when selecting a good power supply, BAKO also pay attention to its function according to the different applications. Such as protection function, signaling function and parallel function, etc. With its strict selection about the power supply, the display from BAKO is stunning and durable, which will extremely satisfy you.


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