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BAKO DIAMOND rental LED screen is highly appraised on the international market

From: Data:19/05/2016

BAKO, a leading LED display supplier from China, successfully launched its sixth generation die-casting aluminum cabinet for rental application with the name of DIAMOND SERIES at the beginning of 2016. Very quickly, it seized attention from international LED display market. In the previous four months, there have been around three thousand square meters rental LED displays export to all over the world, like America, Italy, France and Brazil.  
BAKO has had eleven years’ experience in LED display manufacturing and always pays special attention to technical and design innovation. The new DIAMOND SERIES product is just a vivid illustration. “DIAMOND” contains two aspects of ideas. First, diamond is acknowledged as the most solid materials in nature. Therefore, it means BAKO’s design is strong enough for the severe application in rental use. Second, the cabinet design is elegant and nice-looking, just like the noble diamond. Such high-level design is sure to improve the public idea about Made-in-China image.

Let’s have a look at the features of the design:

  1. both front and rear service available: Traditionally, it is rear service for rental type cabinet. But BAKO’s design perfectly combines both front and rear service. Therefore, users can make fast service wherever the displays are applied.
  1. both data and power cable free: There is no data or power cable on the modules. Both are in pin type socket. Cable-free design makes it fast for installation, easy for maintenance and stable in power/data transmission.
  1. back-up data connection: Data transmission is vital for rental use. Because of this, we make back-up data connection. Once there is any unexpected problem, it can be transferred to the other one immediately.
  1. LCD screen to show important information:There is a small LCD screen at the back of cabinet to show key information like voltage, temperature, single use time and total use time. Also, there is a button for convenient test.
  1. seamless connection: We apply CNC technology for both module and cabinet and the precision error is below 0.05mm. So it can ensure seamless connection between cabinets.
  1. Standardized cabinet size: Cabinet size is 500*500mm and it can be applied for indoor P1.95,P2.97, P3.91, P4.81 and outdoor P3.91, P4.81, P6.25, among which indoor P3.91 and outdoor P4.81 are best sellers.
Apart from the above mentioned points, there are also some other advantages like easy stack/hanging installation and tool-free for installation. Needless to say, such product is sure to improve users’ rental business level and reduce labor cost. If you wish to know more information about the product, please visit 


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